Why 'Just for Styles' is the perfect way to remember our Ashlie

We are less than one week away from 'Just for Styles' and we have already been blown away by the support we've received from family, friends, local businesses and complete strangers. Our journey has taken this from an idea to a momentous event that will transpire with joy and love at the centre of it all on Sunday, August 20th.

Or goals have been simple but ambitious -

1) to create an event in honour of our beautiful, strong, kick-ass, sweet and unforgettable Ashlie.

2) To sell 250 passports to raise proceeds for Look Good Feel Better, an organization that fits perfectly with our mission and embodies what Ashlie was passionate about - making others look good and feel better in her life and her work. We are close to this goal but need your suppose to hit that target within the next few days!

3) To spread that infectious sparkle that Ashlie carried with her everywhere she went.

Here's why this event is so perfectly reflective of our Ashlie:

- We will stroll along Queen and King streets just like she did daily and share her love for fashion, beauty and life with our fellow participants and partners.

- Ashlie always gave the most thoughtful gifts for Christmas and birthdays and they always included a bag full of samples, treats and products she really wanted you to try. This is exactly what your 'Just for Styles' bag will be filled with - making it a reflection of the thoughtful and useful gift bags that always made us smile. This is why we're so grateful that so many local businesses have jumped on board to make this vision come to life.

- Ashlie enjoyed nothing more than an afternoon strolling, shopping and dining and our wrap reception will be an inspiring afternoon where we can all come together and do just that.

- This weekend will mark two years since Ashlie passed away, and while our hearts have been heavy and healing every day, we will find strength in coming together and doing something positive to mark her memory.

We want to thank you in advance for all of your support. If Ashlie's story or presence has brought some sparkle to your life please pay it forward and join us for this magical morning and afternoon this Sunday. If you can't, please consider making a donation or buying a passport for someone who can.

With lots of love,
Monika and The 'Just for Styles' team